Fleexa Advertising is a company that specializes in outdoor advertising with transit advertising meaning advertising in and out of buses.

Everyday more than 300,000 people use bus as their main medium of transport and they spend at 20 minutes in the bus, and all that time can be passed looking at your brand and consuming your advertisement.


  • Customers have no other choice but consume your advertisement repeatedly
  • Customers spend good time with your advert
  • Interior advertisement can be detailed because people have time to read them
  • Exterior adverts are like moving billboards they reach people from where they are, they get them from their homes, escort them to work and take them home at night
  • Your reach is unlimited
  • You can target all demographics at the same time
  • It enhance confidence in your customers to purchase your products easily
  • You will also get a chance to get to meet your customers through on board advertisement campaigns.

The idea in images

The following images showcase all the areas that are available for advertisement on all our fleet sizes.

  • All the red color specifies the ad spot