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Who we are & What we do

At Fleexa advertising, we provide different services that varies from content production to outdoor advertising in Kigali, Rwanda.

Creative Graphic Design

We help you make your great ideas come to life through creative design

Video Production & Photography

Our video team puts together both creativity and technology to create memorable videos and We also provide professional photography services to cover all your needs (Wedding, Event, Product, personal,…)

2D & 3D Animation

Using latest technology in animation we create anything that comes our way using 2D & 3D software. i.e TV Commercials, Informecials,…

Social Media Marketing

Using latest web trends and maintaining, promoting your pages on different platforms(Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,…)

DCP Video Conversion (Digital Cinema Package)

We provide Digital cinema solutions whereby we take your normal high definition videos and turn them into Very High Resolution video format compatible with all digital cinemas around the globe.

Fleexa Advertising

We advertise your products on daily bus fleet here in Kigali and make your brand spike the whole city.

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